The Johns Hopkins Center for Innovative Medicine’s history began in 2004 by Dr. David Hellmann at the urging of then JHU President, William R. Brody. CIM was founded upon the belief that Medicine is a Public Trust and should continue to become better, year by year, day by day. From there, CIM was officially founded at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in 2005 by Dr. Hellmann and Mr. Richard Paisner.

CIM is a think-tank and incubator that strives to identify and implement novel ways to make medicine a better Public Trust. For over a decade, we’ve been bringing great minds together to start new projects to make medicine better in Baltimore, the nation as a whole, and even internationally. Projects have focused on developing innovative clinical centers for excellence, teaching foundational principles of medical education, and engaging our community to decrease disparities in healthcare.

Along the way, we started the Aliki Initiative to revolutionize medical education in 2007. As we worked to improve the way medical students and residents learn to administer humanistic patient care, we then looked beyond the walls of the hospital. Then, in 2013, we started Medicine for the Greater Good, which trains medical residents in bridging the gap between the hospital and the community around us.

While those were some of our earliest key accomplishments, we’re always innovating and finding new ways to improve.  For more on the evolution of the CIM since 2005, please click here to view Dr. David Hellmann deliver Medical Grand Rounds from May 2019.

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