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February 2018

Our Aliki Initiative continues to run strong here at Bayview. With the core team meeting weekly, they continue to seek out new ways to develop the trusting relationships between doctors and patients. The Initiative was recently written about in the Hopkins Medicine blog by David Glenn. If you’d like to find out more about the history and accomplishments of the Initiative, you can click here to read more.

In the wards, we’ve taken a new step to ensure that Aliki patients know that they’re getting special care. By connecting with the nurse attending, we’ve started issuing certificates to patients to let them know that their care pipeline is a little bit different than the standard routine. By letting them know what to expect with follow up calls and hospital physicians connecting with primary care providers, patients are more aware and in the loop about the therapies planned as a part of their recovery.

In other CIM news, our Lyft Pilot Program continues is still rolling here in the new year. With over 140 students enrolled and traveling between Homewood and Bayview, we are continuing the pilot until the end of the fiscal year on June 30th. The largest obstacle between connecting willing students with the research and volunteer opportunities here at Bayview was the lack of direct transportation between the university campus and our location. Starting on Monday, July 2nd, there will be a new shuttle running between Homewood and Bayview. This will be open to all students, staff, and faculty looking for a direct connection between these locations. We hope that you’re as excited as we are and we will keep you posted as more details settled about the route and pickup locations!

January 2018

Happy New Year from CIM!

We’ve got a lot of exciting anniversaries happening this year. With the School of Medicine’s 125th birthday upon us, we’re thinking about the key figures who made Johns Hopkins what it is today. Beyond its famous founders, we’re also celebrating Mary Elizabeth Garrett, a woman with brilliant ideas who set the framework for modern standards of medical school admissions requirements. We’re inviting Kathleen Waters Sander, PhD, to Bayview to discuss her book, Mary Elizabeth Garrett: Society and Philanthropy in the Gilded Age. In the meantime, we’ll be avidly reading.

Next, our very own Miller Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence is also reaching its ten year anniversary. We have a lot planned, but the most exciting part of what is to come would have to be CLOSLER. This initiative is all about fostering a culture of clinical excellence and sharing it with a broader audience. For now, look forward to launch in March 2018 and check out this video teaser!

This month, our friends in Rheumatology decided to take a very different route to team building exercises. They didn’t simply have a lunch together or do a workshop – they formed a choir. Every Friday, they’ve come together to practice singing a South African hymn called “Ukuthula”. Utilizing the unique voice of each person, they brought faculty and staff from different backgrounds together to do something creative.