CIM Scholars and Endowed Professors

The Johns Hopkins Center for Innovative Medicine (CIM) was launched in 2005 to make medicine a better public trust.  We advance this purpose by stimulating and supporting people who have the potential to make significant contributions to one or more of three areas: (1) training great physicians and nurses; (2) advancing precision medicine; and (3) supporting medicine for the greater good. 

From our inception, CIM’s leadership recognized that it had to provide financial support to enable faculty to pursue bold, new programs that aligned with its mission and advanced its goals.  Therefore, with the backing of several extraordinarily generous donors, CIM has created scholarships and endowed professorships to exemplary doctors whose work individually and in aggregate has transformed Johns Hopkins Medicine into a better public trust.

CIM Scholars:

  • Peter Abadir, MD, Salisbury Family CIM HAP Scholar
  • Felipe Andrade, MD, PhD, Lowe Family Scholar
  • Antoine Azar, MD, Tara Sakraida Parker and Richard Parker CIM Scholar
  • Kathleen Barnes, PhD, MBP, Turnbull Scholar
  • Bruce S. Bochner, MD, Cosner Scholar in Translational Research
  • Cynthia Boyd, MD, MPH, Lavinia Currier Scholar
  • Colleen Christmas, MD, Miller Coulson Scholar
  • Jessica Colburn, MD, CIM Scholar
  • Thomas Cudjoe, MD, MPH, Caryl and George Bernstein Family CIM HAP Scholar
  • S. Chris Durso, MD, Miller Coulson Scholar
  • Michael Fingerhood, MD, The Roche Family Foundation Scholar
  • Linda Fried, MD, MPH, Cosner Scholar in Translational Research
  • Panagis Galiatsatos, MD, Aliki Perroti Scholar
  • Brian Garibaldi, MD, Douglas Carroll, MD, Scholar
  • Jeremy Greene, MD, PhD, Jacobs and Rosenthal Family CIM Scholar
  • Nadia Hansel, MD, MPH, Lavinia Currier Scholar
  • Frank Herlong, MD, CIM Scholar
  • Erica Johnson, MD, CIM Scholar
  • Pamela Johnson, MD, Levenson CIM Scholar
  • Landon King, MD, CIM Scholar
  • Steven Kravet, MD, Miller Coulson Scholar
  • Stuart M. Levine, MD, Lowe Family Scholar
  • Constantine G. Lyketsos, MD, MHS, Alafouzos Scholar
  • Parviz Nikoomanesh, MD, Mirmiran Family Scholar
  • Elisabeth Marsh, MD, Rubenstein Family CIM Scholar
  • Rasika Mathias. SCD, Miller Coulson CIM HAP Scholar
  • Alex Pantelyat, MD, Alafouzos Family CIM HAP Scholar
  • Pankaj (Jay) Pasricha, MBBS, MD, Amos Center Scholar
  • Kimberly Peairs, MD, CIM Scholar
  • Cynthia Rand, PhD, CIM Scholar
  • Antony Rosen, MBChB, MS, Cosner Scholar in Translational Research
  • Philip Seo, MD, Lowe Family Scholar
  • Tariq Shafi, MD, CIM Scholar
  • Satish Shanbhag, MD, CIM Scholar
  • Michelle Sharp, MD, CIM Scholar
  • Michael T. Smith, PhD, Alafouzos Scholar
  • John H. Stone, MD, MPH, Cosner Scholar in Translational Research
  • Glenn Treisman, MD, Amos Center Scholar
  • Jennifer Van Eyk, PhD, Amos Center Scholar
  • Jeremy Walston, MD, CIM Scholar Supported by Charles Salisbury
  • Scott Wright, MD, Miller Coulson Scholar
  • Jonathan Zenilman, MD, Lavinia Currier Scholar
  • Roy Ziegelstein, MD, Miller Family Scholar

CIM Endowed Professors:

  • David Hellmann, MD, The Aliki Perroti Professor of Medicine
  • Scott Wright, MD, The Anne Gaines and G. Thomas Miller Professorship
  • Roy Ziegelstein, MD, The Sarah Miller Coulson and Frank L. Coulson Jr. Professorship

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